My father, Jim Murtagh started farming in the late 1920's in Castlegaddery, 3km from Ballinacarrigy and 20 minutes from Mullingar and Ballymahon. He was a dairy farmer and I started working alongside my Dad in my late teens. It was in 1984 I changed the farm to solely organic. I started with supplying high quality organic lambs directly to top restaurants throughout the country along with supplying Marks & Spencer. In 2010 I moved away from livestock and worked with the project Farming for Nature where I found my passion in biodiversity, maintaining a natural environment for wildlife and developing the land naturally. The farm now consists of 125 acres of beautiful organic farmland & forestry located on the banks of the Royal Canal.  




Chris has been in organic farming for over 35 years but took a step back from traditional farming to embrace organic & sustaining biodiversity to focus solely on organics and developing the natural land. We are very passionate about biodiversity and preserving and developing our natural farmland habitat. Chris has put many, many years into preserving our natural wildlife and native woodland. He has wild bird cover, preserved bogland for 15 years which has developed into a wonderland of bog cotton and diverse wildlife, there are 6 acres of birch and 30 acres of untouched forestry. In the last 5 years over 12,000 trees have been planted.

The animal rescue was opened in 2021 where we started rescuing farm animals and wildlife.

Across the farm there are bat boxes, bird boxes and recently teamed up with John from the Barn Owl Project to establish the Westmeath Barn Owl Project. We are committed to keeping the farm as natural as possible to continue to preserve wildlife, rescue animals, and sustain biodiversity.  Chris & Gráinne look forward to opening the farm & forestry with our wildlife & nature park in the coming year. 



Our ducks were rescued as baby chicks in 2021 and they are now fully grown and producing beautiful organic duck eggs.  We sell these at the farm costing only 3 Euro for half a dozen. Along with our ducks we also have hens and both have the run of the farm so everything they eat is organic and natural.  This gives the eggs their significant taste.  Hen eggs are 3 Euro for half a dozen.  Contact us if you would like to order some or come to the Farmer's Market every second Sunday to purchase eggs along with seasonal fruit & veg.